4 ALL is all purpose lubricant spray. Perfect for use in industry, workshop, home, office and marine. 4 ALL is a high performance product with excellent penetrating and lubricating properties. This high-performance spray lubricant provides perfect lubrication and cleaning properties even in extremely difficult conditions on metal, plastic and rubber parts, surfaces and applications. 4 ALL is a water-repellent product that creates smooth and strong protective film against humidity. 4 ALL dissolves quickly grease residuals, rust, glues and other substances such as asphalt. 4 ALL used in small quantity assures excellent lubrication, eliminates squeaking and release rusty and blocked applications. 4 ALL is compatible with the most common plastic materials and elastomers as well as with most widespread painting and varnishes. 4 ALL is chloride-free and does not contain silicone greases or silicone substances.



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