ANTARES ES is a synthetic-based high-performance lubricant (HEES) specially formulated for all those applications and plants operating in particularly protected environmental areas. ANTARES ES 32 is particularly suitable as turbine lubricant, as well as hydraulic fluid assuring perfect lubrication, long life and stability of the oil, and environment protection. This lubricant is suitable for use on white metal bearings used on turbines, hydraulic pumps and similar applications where assures perfect lubrication and protection. ANTARES ES corresponds to the technical requests DIN 51524 part II concerning hydraulic oils and DIN 51524 part III for HVLP. This is a product with a very high viscosity index and low pour point, thus particularly indicated for use in large temperature range as well as for use on very low temperatures (it is suitable to be used on machinery working in mountains). ANTARES ES is perfectly compatible with the most common elastomer materials and is mixable with mineral hydraulic oils (in this case it loses its biodegradability).


22; 32; 46; 68

Base oil

synthetic based satured ester


5kg - 18kg - 50kg - 180kg





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