ANTARES HEPR is a synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid, specifically developed for all the hydraulic systems operating in environmentally sensitive or protected areas. This product is the result of the most recent technologies and combines features and quality of fully synthetic PAO fluids and biodegradability in a unique high-performance product. For this reason is classified as HEPR: Hydraulic Oil Environmental Polyalphaolefine and Related Products. ANTARES HEPR is an extremely performed lubricant and is suitable for the most demanding hydraulic applications. ANTARES HEPR corresponds to the DIN 51524 technical requirements, part II for HLP hydraulic fluids and part III for HVLP fluids. This is a product with a particularly elevated and stable viscosity index and low pour point. For this reason, it is very suitable for use in applications working under a large range of working temperatures as well as for mobile or stationary equipment and machinery operating in cold climates or mountain areas. ANTARES HEPR is perfectly compatible with the most commonly used elastomers and it can be mixed with other mineral or synthetic hydraulic fluids (except those ester-based). In this case, it can lose its biodegradability. PAO base oil of this high-performance lubricant provides perfect resistance to water and humidity as well as excellent air release and water separation properties and extremely reduced foaming.



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