Boxer Plus is a liquid detergent formulated for high-performance cleaning and degreasing of gear parts, engine parts, tools, and many other similar mechanical parts. Boxer Plus can be used on any kind of metal or light alloy. This high-performance detergent contains no chlorinated solvents and caustics and for this reason does not affect plastics, Plexiglas, and painted parts and surfaces. Boxer Plus is formulated in order to provide maximum safety for the operator (low index of flammability and excellent tolerability for the end-user). Boxer Plus is particularly indicated for use in pneumatic washing tanks for fast and effective cleaning of engine parts, gear parts, mechanical parts of vehicles and machinery, tools, etc. Boxer Plus can be successfully used in printing works for removing ink from the inking rollers and rubber. Boxer Plus is effective for the removal of silicone, putty, and pencil marks. Boxer Plus does not contain chlorine, phosphorus, or ammonium compounds.


5L - 30L - 200L



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