CLUTCH TRIAL is a high-performance lubricant with a particularly elevated viscosity index, formulated on basis of high-quality fully synthetic base oils and strictly selected and controlled additives. This product, due to its elevated viscosity index, maintains its viscosimetric properties even under particularly difficult operating conditions. CLUTCH TRIAL assures maximum protection against corrosion and rust for all clutch and gear parts. CLUTCH TRIAL is suitable for use on motorcycles with clutch and gear lubrication separate from engine lubrication. Thanks to experience from the cooperation with racing teams, CLUTCH TRIAL provides excellent performance, outstanding gearbox precision, and extremely precise clutch even under very heavy driving conditions. CLUTCH TRIAL was particularly developed for 2T trial motorbikes. CLUTCH TRIAL ensures perfect wet clutch functioning in any condition eliminating clutch "drag" and "slipping". CLUTCH TRIAL allows a considerable extension of the oil change interval, reducing in this way considerably maintenance and driving expenses.

Base oil



1L - 18kg - 50kg - 180kg



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