Dimension Grease is a high-performance grease based on fully synthetic base oil and Lithium complex thickener soap. Dimension Grease is suitable for use on journal and roller bearings and is particularly indicated for use on fast bearings working on elevated environmental temperatures, presence of water and humidity, high speeds, vibrations, and high-pressure collisions. Dimension Grease provides smooth running of machinery and considerably reduces mechanical wear and machinery standstill. An advanced additive package provides an extremely low coefficient of friction, reducing the working temperature, absorbing vibrations and shocks, and ensuring perfect cold starts providing as well considerable energy savings. Excellent mechanical stability, anti-wear properties as well as outstanding stability even on elevated working temperatures, and oxidation resistance out of ordinary, permit to prolong lubricant intervals 2-3 times if compared to standard lubricants for similar purposes. Dimension Grease is typically used to lubricate bearings on ventilators, fans, blowers, electric engines, and similar applications where the bearings run at high speed and elevated operating temperature.

NLGI Class



Complex lithium


400g - LS - 1kg - 5kg - 18kg - 50kg - 180kg

min temperature °C


max temperature °C


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