DUO SYNT R is a totally synthetic, technologically advanced lubricant, formulated for modern high-performance two-stroke engines. DUO SYNT R ensures, guaranteeing perfect combustion, maximum performance in terms of acceleration and rapid response of the engine; avoids the formation of carbon deposits that interfere with the piston rings, obstruct the exhaust ports, and/or modify the geometry of the combustion chamber. DUO SYNT R ensures perfect lubrication and cleaning of the engine, reducing close to "zero" the quantities of unburnt residues of the mixture that we often find on pistons, bands, spark plugs, exhaust valves, and silencers. DUO SYNT R can be diluted in normal and special gasoline, in a perfectly homogeneous way, without contraindications. DUO SYNT R significantly reduces the emission of fumes and particulates from the exhaust, preserving the environment and the health of users.

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