HTF EP 2 is a high-performance grease, based on lithium complex soap, semi-synthetic high-quality base oil, and efficient EP additives. Its color is light brown. HTF EP 2 is particularly suitable for lubrication of roller and plain bearings operating at elevated working temperatures under high mechanical load and/or impact, medium-high speed, and in presence of humidity. HTF EP2 provides significant wear reduction, its excellent mechanical stability, anti-wear features, outstanding resistance even on medium-high working temperatures perm products. This high-performance product is particularly indicated for the pulp and paper industry, for heavy industry, steel industry, and foundries, it is ideal for roller lubrication, for electric motor bearings, ventilators, pumps, vibrators, and all applications where high-performance lubricant grease is requested. HTF EP 2 is also very suitable for trucks and automotive wheel hubs lubrication.

Base oil

lithium complex


BASIC 120cm³ - EASY 125cm³- AUTOLUB 125cm³ - PROFESSIONAL 120cm³

min temperature °C


max temperature °C


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