KLASSIC SAE 20W/50 is a premium quality multigrade mineral-based engine oil. Its particular formulation provides perfect lubrication for the engine and all its parts offering, at the same time, significantly reduced oil consumption. This motor oil helps to keep the engine and candles clean, prevents corrosion, and assures perfect protection and conservation during the long seasonal stops. KLASSIC SAE 20W/50 assures perfect functioning of oil bath friction systems, even if operating under stress. This product offers fast, soft, precise, silent, and slip-free gear changes. KLASSIC SAE 20W/50 provides perfect engine lubrication even at particularly elevated working temperatures. KLASSIC SAE 20W/50 minimizes significantly engine wear prolonging significantly the life of all engine parts. The special additive package assures perfect gear protection as well. KLASSIC SAE 20W/50 is suitable for mono and multi-cylinder engines and provides multiple advantages for the rider: perfect resistance at elevated temperatures, fast heat dissipation, minimalized evaporation (considerably reduced oil topping up), and soft, precise, and silent gear changes.



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