NYLSET BLU is an extremely concentrated liquid detergent formulated for the most advanced efficiency of cleaning and security of use even in the most difficult working conditions. NYLSET BLU is therefore specific for use in extreme conditions where is not possible to obtain satisfactory results with other valid products. Powerful formulation permits even to remove tar and asphalt film. If used in correct concentration this product absolutely does not damage painted parts, on the contrary, these parts will be renewed. NYLSET BLU has to be used with caution on light alloys, where is recommended to test first the product on parts that are not in sight. NYLSET BLU is not a flammable product and has to be always diluted in water following to recommended ratio. NYLSET BLU does not leave residuals on treated surfaces and is biodegradable over 90%.


5kg - 30kg - 180kg





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