NYLSET T is formulated following a new detergency concept that takes into account not only the highest efficiency level but also the operator’s health and safety. Used in the recommended dilutions, NYLSET T is safe for any use and application, it does not damage varnished, lacquered, and enameled surfaces as well as plastic materials even the most delicate such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate. NYLSET T is safe for users and accidental contact with the product does not cause particular irritants nor allergic reactions. NYLSET T is not flammable and is to be used always and in any situation diluted in water, it does not leave smears or residues and rinsing is not necessary. NYLSET T is compatible with water-based emulsions used in tooling machinery. NYLSET T is a low foam detergent and therefore is suitable for any industrial and maintenance application including food-grade industry following H.A.C.C.P. norms. NYLSET T is promptly bio-degradable over 90%.


5kg - 30L - 180kg





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