POLAR PLUS is a new generation protective fluid for radiators, formulated with the innovative OAT technology (Organic Acid Technology) based on organic additives. Its innovative formulation permits improved anticorrosive protection of cooling systems (various alloys and aluminum), superior efficiency in heat exchange and in refrigeration, better prevention against incrustations, and minimization of deposit creation. Mixed with water POLAR PLUS permits a higher boiling point of antifreeze liquid assuring perfect refrigeration even with overheated engines. POLAR PLUS is an amine-, nitrite- and phosphate-free liquid and contains special additives in order to reduce foaming and cavitations effect as well as to provide rubber gaskets protection. Thanks to these characteristics POLAR PLUS significantly extends drain intervals with replacement every 5 years and/or 500.000 km (6.000 mh).


1L - 5kg - 20kg - 50kg - 220kg

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