Sintherm Spray is an extremely performed protective and insulating lubricant product suitable for articulations, chains, hinges, and various mechanisms. Sintherm Spray is particularly suitable for the protection of rubber and plastic parts exposed to atmospheric conditions or to temperatures from -60░C to + 250░C and can be used to waterproof and to improve running-in of slideways, lanes, etc. Sintherm spray can be used as a gliding agent for cardboard, paper, plastic, etc. Sintherm Spray can be also used as a release agent in the extrusion and molding of plastics and is essential for products intended for the food industry. This high-performance product is ideal as a release agent for many thermoplastic and thermoset materials such as PET, PBT, POM, PVC, PA, PS, PTFE, PMMA, CA, CP, CP, CAB, Polyolefin, TPU (polycarbonate and ABS excluded). Sintherm Spray is formulated in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and is certificated NSF H1 (reg. number 146392). Sintherm Spray is suitable for use on machinery used in the food industry and can be used in aqueducts, water treatment plants, packaging lines, in the production of packaging materials for food, beverage, drugs, feed such as paper, cardboard, various containers in glass, plastic, metal, etc.





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