NILS is your partner for Rhenus coolants

The NILS and Rhenus partnership has shaped the history of specialty coolants in Italy. Rhenus’ innovation and reliability, combined with our expertise and customer service offer a choice of specific and highly reliable products to increase your production efficiency.


When it comes to managing costs, choosing the right product makes all the difference. We provide our customers with a specialized team to identify the most suitable cooling lubricants for the specific job. Reducing production costs while ensuring maximum safety in production processes is the goal we share with our customers.


The Rhenus Coolants range ensures perfect operation of your machines, through periodic analyses provided by our laboratory, we guarantee the maximum reliability of the coolants in use as well as the state of the water used in the emulsions. The analysis of lubricants allows us to assess their performance and the degree of pollution so that, if necessary we can take precise action to improve performance. With predictive maintenance, it is possible to monitor the efficiency of the machinery while maintaining high standards of safety and mechanical processing.


NILS and Rhenus work side by side with their customers to research and develop products for every specific use. Applications that take into account sustainability and ecology represent our common process for progress. All the products we use are able to reconcile performance, reliability, and respect for the environment.